The Philadelphia Council of Clergy, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the leadership of Christian churches, their members and the urban communities which they serve throughout the Philadelphia Region by providing comprehensive programs and services.

These programs and services are designed to empower and catalyze growth of persons in urban communities through the development of stronger faith based organizations, community and economic revitalization, educational programs, and faith based counseling and other services/programs which foster the healing and restoration of urban neighborhoods while promoting justice and peaceful collaborations.

The Philadelphia Council of Clergy seeks to become a transformative engine which alleviates suffering in the Philadelphia region by advocating the collaboration and partnering of Churches, other faith based organizations, governmental institutions and agencies, law and policy makers, institutions of education and private and public corporations.

Programs and Services:

  • Prayer for our City and all Christian Churches and Organizations
  • Creating a Unified Voice and Body for Christian Churches and Ministers
  • Accredited Biblical Studies Programs for Ministers
  • Evangelism and Outreach Support & Consultation
  • Special Missions Support & Consultation
  • Identification of existing Food Pantries and Programs to Address needs of the communities
  • Christian Leadership Development for Ministers and Pastors
  • Ministerial Ordinations and Credentialing
  • Church Administration and Organization Consultation
  • Banking and Financial Consultation
  • Workforce Development and Jobs Creation
  • Economic Development and Revitalization
  • Strategic Think Tank for partnerships and collaborations interested in improving lives and helping people