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In-Kind (Non-Monetary) Gifting

The members of the Philadelphia Council of Clergy is sincerely grateful for your consideration in providing a gift to our organization. Due to the continual donations of time, skills, and valued resources that many give to our organization, the Philadelphia Council of Clergy would now be able to sustain services to the community in the Philadelphia region.

In addition, contributions may be sent via mail delivery to The Philadelphia Council of Clergy Community Development Corporation, 2644 North 22nd Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19132.

Questions and comments may be addressed to Rev. Anthony Floyd Jr., Executive Director, at 215-223-4979 (Office); 215-806-7194 (Mobile).


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Twenty-Five Dollars $25.00

Fifty Dollars $50.00

One Hundred Dollars $100.00

One Hundred fifty Dollars $150.00

Two Hundred fifty Dollars $250.00

Five Hundred Dollars $500.00

One Thousand Dollars $1,000.00

Twenty-Five Hundred Dollars$2,500.00

Five Thousand Dollars $5,000.00