rev_anthony_floydArchbishop Anthony Floyd Sr. was called to service into the ministry in 1953-ordained in 1957. He has faithfully served the Philadelphia community for over 62 years in being a strong advocate for empowering under-served communities in the region.

Through this service, he recognized the need for churches in the Philadelphia region to unite in order to address significant challenges in the urban community. In 1992, he founded The Philadelphia Council of Clergy to address these critical issues through the development of partnerships with elected officials, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations.

Throughout its history, the Philadelphia Council of Clergy has provided community support through a myriad of service-centered programs:

  • Pastoral and Ministerial Counseling Services
  • Christian Training Opportunities
  • Summer Youth Work Programs in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia
  • Community Advocacy- Coordination with City, County, and State Elected Officials and Government Leaders.

The Philadelphia Council of Clergy has grown to a membership of 400 churches. The growth of the organization provides a powerful vehicle for change for the Philadelphia region-utilizing the collective dynamism of 25,000 parishioners.